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Train the Trainer

Does your organisation need to deliver training, but does not currently have the internal expertise in the subject matter? CUPE's Train the Trainer programme could be the answer. Alternatively you may be a CUPE Affiliate and need training capacity in your local area. The CUPE programme seeks to ensure that you (or the person you nominate) as a new trainer will not be ‘good enough’, but will impress participants from the first delivery. We have rigorous, tried and tested programmes for all the best management practice subjects and for bespoke in house courses.

Training courses only provide a short time to make a difference and so need different approaches to teaching or management which allow relationships to develop.  Each programme is tailored to reflect your experience, subject expertise and individual requirements. You will have a nominated senior CUPE trainer to work with who will take you through the process to ensure both subject matter knowledge and an understanding of the training environment.

How long a programme takes depends on how much you put into it. You will need demonstrate your subject knowledge is at the right standard before the Senior Trainer signs you off to co-train with them, prior to assessment by external assessment bodies. Full feedback is provided all through the programme by your allocated senior trainer.

You can start the programme at any time and much of it can be done at your base location, staying in touch by phone and e-mail with your tutor. Even the co-training can be conducted by your senior trainer attending a course organised locally, thus meaning the local culture and environment will be relevant.

If you would like to discuss the Train the Trainer programme, contact us by phone or e-mail.  

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