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Do you need an independent view or some expert advice? Do you need short term / intermittent skills? As an Accredited Consulting Organisation we have the answer. We offer expertise in the full range of PPM Best Practice methods and experience to apply this to your situation. Your consultant is part of a team led by our Director, who is a Registered Consultant, a member of the British Institute of Consulting and a recognised expert in the field.

We can support your development of Programme and Project Teams: Identification & Assessment of PMs, building high performance Project-based Teams, Project Governance and on-line SME advice. We’ll help you achieve higher standards of PPM professionalism.

If you would like to find out more about our Consultancy services, please visit our Project Consultancy pages, where you can find more about how we can help with setting up a PMO, perform an independently validated P3M3 audit, assist with Project Implementation or swiftly provide you with an Interim Project Manager. Still unclear? Then why not  contact one of our Consultants directly.


One area of projects, programmes and portfolios which can significantly strengthen the in-house team is Assurance. Not only does the Assurance offer good governance to projects, programmes and portfolios, it also adds value. Assurance works with the team to give advice so that the work can be done with fewer delays, cost overruns and reduced risks but ensuring the expected quality and benefits are delivered.

Whether you need external, independent Assurance on your project, programme or portfolio or you need to set up an internal Assurance function or to develop the capability of your existing Assurance function, the CUPE Assurance Consultants will supply the help required.

Project, programme or portfolio Assurance can be undertaken face to face, by e-mail, by remote access to systems, by webinar, by telephone or any combination to suit the specific circumstances. We work to provide solutions to suit your situation.

The focus is always to deliver more value than cost. Assurance should not be about checklists and making sure all boxes are ticked. Each project is different and our Assurance Consultants are experienced in tailoring so that the advice and governance provided are suitable and specific to the project being undertaken. CUPE Assurance Consultants work with multiple methods so that they are able to consider the project from many angles, it is not only about following the correct process steps of a method, but they add their expertise from areas such as Management of Value, Management of Risk, Planning and Change Control as appropriate.

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