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With the average success rate of (IT) projects still reported at less than 40%, it is unsurprising there has been a huge interest in using project success tracker tools; but do not rush before examining the evidence. Is CHAOS data really reliable? (see “The Rise and Fall of the Chaos Report Figures” in January/February 2010 issue of IEEE Software magazine). Are the measurements relevant to my industry or project? (See benchmarking success).

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CUPE provides straightforward project success advice. Project management experience (number of projects) and a PM qualification should be in place; then consider tools (see New Insights into IT Project Failure & How to Avoid IT).

After the above, the Change Director or PMO will want check current project performance; they may need to answer, Are we aligned? Is everyone engaged? Do we have the skills and resources needed? Are we ready to go to the next maturity level? One of the best ways to do this is by using the on-line project change tracker. It enables companies to formally assess stakeholder perceptions of performance, in relation to change management drivers; and a second survey completes the assessment; so it is also tool to measure project improvement. As a strategic partner, CUPE can do provide this assessment for you very cost effectively, and provide sound, independent advice.

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