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Prioritising ProjectsPrioritising Projects

Does your organization run too many projects?

Perhaps there are more projects than your organization can handle.  For you smart creative people it’s easy to generate lots of good ideas for projects but if you are not careful you can easily have more projects going on than you have people, time and money to complete them. When your list of pending projects becomes overwhelming, you have got to understand how to sort them and prioritize them. This is a tricky task for most so we will do our best to help you build an objective prioritization criteria then apply these to your pending projects…..

Prioritising Projects through CUPE

We have worked with many organizations to help them develop a customized approach, based on their unique values to compare projects and prioritise them (strategically aligned of course). Having their projects prioritised the higher priority projects can be funded with the lower priority projects completed when more resources are available.

We have uploaded a simple spread sheet for you to download and use for prioritising your projects. Note: The project prioritisation should be locally- developed, since these should reflect your strategic directions and value drivers. The generic approach can be used as a springboard to develop your own or we can create a customized method for you.

Prioritising Projects - Over to you

1) Determine your ‘criteria’ and create a ranking scale for discriminating among projects. For example: Strategic value, cost, financial gain, ease, resource impact….
2) Give weights to your criteria 1 being high, 5 low e.g.  ­ don’t worry for the positive weights these will be taken off at the end instead of added on e.g. ‘strategic value’
3) Make a grid with the names of your prioritisation criteria along the top and the names of the potential projects down the left.
4) Review each project and apply a value (based on the ranking scale in point ‘2)’ add up the total scores remember the positives you will minus the score. You may complete this collectively as a team, an individual, senior management or all and create an average. The projects will then be ranked in order of priority and you will have prioritised your projects!

In reality it may not be as simple as this; we are not robots after all. Let us know how you get on. We can help you manage your Prioritised Projects more effectively, contact us to find out how.

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Prioritising Projects
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