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ITIL Qualification Scheme

ITIL Qualification SchemeCUPE offers the ITIL qualifications scheme through a modular approach to the ITIL framework.

The ITIL Qualification scheme comprises a set of ITIL qualifications focused on differing aspects of ITIL Best Practice with varied degrees in depth and detail.

These are the levels of qualifications within the scheme:

ITIL Foundation

ITIL Intermediate Level

ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle

ITIL Expert

ITIL Master

Download our ITIL guide to qualifications.

The ITIL Credit System

To progress your way up through the ITIL crediting system you will need to:

Pass ITIL Foundation to move up to the next level (2 credits). To become an ITIL Intermediate level you can get 3 credits from the lifecycle modules and 4 credits from the capability modules. A total of 17 credits is required to sit the 'Managing Across the Lifecycle exam' (15 from Intermediate level and 2 from Foundation). The ITIL Expert examination can only be sat after "Managing Across the Lifecycle" is passed and it provides a pathway to gaining the ultimate "ITIL Master" qualification.

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