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ISO 20000ISO 2000

ISO 20000 is the first international standard for IT service management. The standard was first created in 2005 with a 2011 revision. ISO20000-2011 includes service design, transition, delivery and improvement of services that fulfil service requirements and provide value for both the customer and the service provider.

Whats new in the ISO 20000-2011 revision?

 The 2011 version (ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011) comprises nine sections:

  1. Scope
  2. Normative references
  3. Terms and definitions
  4. Service management system general requirements
  5. Design and transition of new or changed services
  6. Service delivery processes
  7. Relationship processes
  8. Resolution processes
  9. Control processes

ISO/IEC 20000-2:2012 provides you with a guidance on the service management systems (SMS) based on the requirements in ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011.

As with most other ISO standards (CUPE ISO 9001:2008), organizations and individuals tend to seek formal capability improvement towards excellence in application of the ISO standard. The certification scheme targets organizations, while the qualification scheme targets individuals. Qualification of individuals is offered by APMG-International with Accredited Training and consulting organisations like CUPE.

Qualifications include a Foundation level, and several role based certificates. The qualifications can count towards the ITIL Expert qualification level.

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ISO 20000 Implementation tool kit.

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