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Project Healthcare

The purpose of the Project Health-check is to measure both compliance and effectiveness of a specific project. It is a general audit to assess the project’s ability to meet its objectives and compares the project management activities against the organisation’s project management method.

The Project Health-check will be carried out by a Project and Programme Management (PPM) Registered Consultant.
The service takes 2 weeks to complete and comprises a mixture of documentation review, structured interviews and focus group(s).

The Project Health-check will:

  • Check compliance with corporate policies for managing projects
  • Compare the project against good-practice project management
  • Assess performance to-date against original baseline

Conducting Project Health-checks will help organisations ensure:

  • The corporate methodology is being used correctly
  • Good project practice is captured and shared
  • The effectiveness of a project can be measured
  • Exposure to risk is being actively managed
  • There is a process for feedback from the project team
  • Corrective Actions can be captured and implemented

Why Use Health-checks?
Quality metrics show that the cost of correcting an issue is many times the cost of preventing it.  

Scheduling a series of Health-checks spread over the life of a project/ programme can provide early indications of any problems looming.  Additionally, the scheduling of such Health-checks encourages the team to maintain good practices from start to finish and not just for the end project review (how many of us put in a few extra gym sessions before a regular health-check?).

At an enterprise level, conducting Health-checks on a sample of your projects/ programmes enables common issues and non-compliances to be captured and resolved in a cost-effective way.
Health-checks undertaken by independent assessors are free from internal politics, and provide a balanced view.  Using independent assessors means the health-checks are more likely to take because the assessors are not encumbered by the day-to-day issues and interruptions of most projects.

Health-checks from CUPE
Our Health-checks start from as little as £2,445 each and are conducted in a non-intrusive coaching format.  We offer a choice of Health-checks:

  • Risk Review: A sanity check that the risk management strategy is adequate and appropriate
  • Project Health-check:  Will it finish on time?  Processes followed?  Business Case still valid?  Deliverables meet requirements?
  • PRINCE2® Health-check:  How well does your project use PRINCE2?  We will give you a % score; a Red/Amber/Green dashboard against the PRINCE2 components, processes ands techniques; recommendations on how PRINCE2 can be better applied.

Programme Health-check:  Are the changes having the desired affect?  Will the projects deliver the benefits?  Is the programme still aligned to corporate strategy?

Price: £3995.00 (Ex VAT)
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