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Scoping Workshop

Create a strategic plan for the success of your next project. It starts with having the right project scope, including all the essentials, but not any of the nice to haves.

By the time you start looking for help with a project, you probably already have a “wish list” of stakeholders' requests. And perhaps you've taken it a step further by drafting a requirements document. Along with a few e-mail and phone conversations, these documents may be all a that’s needed to understand a small project and create a plan. But if your project is complex, you may be left with a wide range of “guesstimates” and more questions than answers.

CUPE’s Project Scoping Workshop helps you through this kind of situation. In a workshop, our consultant guides your stakeholders through consideration of a range of possibilities to test what should be included within the scope of the project. You will also identify some of the dependencies with other parts of the organisation or external items.

Review of project background
Facilitated workshop with stakeholders
Workshop report to identify the scope of the project ­ what should be included, and any exclusions identified.

Optional items:
Product Breakdown Structure and Product Flow Diagram (may need further input from Project Manager and / or stakeholders).
Project Plan development

Price: £895.00 (Ex VAT)
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