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Capability Maturity ModelCapability Maturity Model

It is widely considered that continuous process improvement is based on many small evolving steps rather than large revolutionary innovations. The Capability Maturity Model provides you with a framework for organising steps into 5 maturity levels. This will lay the groundwork for continuous improvement. The Capability Maturity Model methodology is at the core of most management systems which are designed for continuous improvement for the quality and development of all products and services in Project Management.

Capability Maturity model Levels

There are 5 Maturity Levels. These define a scale for measuring the maturity of an organisations software process and for evaluating the capability of these processes. The levels also help an organisation prioritise its improvement efforts. We can work with you do define your plateaus and how to overcome them. With each level there are a set of process goals that when confirmed stabilise an important component of the process.

What are the five maturity model levels?

• Initial - Characterised as Adhoc, maybe Chaotic with few defined processes.
• Repeatable -­ Basic Project Management processes that track cost, schedule and functionality.
• Defined - The processes are defined, documented and standardised for your organisation.
• Managed - Detailed processes with product qualities collected. Processes and products are understood and controlled.
• Optimising - Continuous improvement is enabled by quantitative feedback through piloting and innovative ideas/technologies.


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Agile Methodology

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So what is different between CMMI and CMM?

The CMMI structure and the Software CMM structure can be considered quite similar with regards to maturity levels also process areas and goals.
The big differential however, is that CMMI does offer 2 representations of the maturity processes. CMMI offers a staged representation with five maturity levels just like the Software CMM and a continuous model, where each process area has its own maturity level.

The Service Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

The original Capability Maturity Model (CMM) was to designed match the requirement of improving and managing the quality of the services in your organisation. The basic 5 level CMM is common to most IT Service Management frameworks and is described in more detail in the IT Service CMM Pocket Guide. Understanding the CMM model is fundamental to any long term service improvement strategy.

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