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Management of Portfolios - MoP® Options


CUPE offers exams and training options in MoP.

Exam Only 90 Days You've done all the studying and are ready to go.  All you need is the exam.  The exam must be taken within 90 days of purchase.

Exam Plus 90 Days

You're almost there - just 90 days of e-learning to brush up your knowledge and then you are ready for the exam.  The exam must be taken within 90 days of purchase.
In-house course
You've got a group of people - get them all skilled up on your premises on a bespoke course.  The cheapest and most convenient option for groups of 4 or more. With or without exams.

Public Classroom course

You want to study with a group on a 3 or 5 day public classroom course lead by an experienced accredited trainer culminating with the exam.

MoP Foundation

- suitable for those who want to build a base knowledge of the the core concepts which will allow the successful management of portfolios.  Passing the Foundation exam is a prerequisite for taking the Practitioner exam.  Click on the choices below:

Foundation Exam Plus 90 Days Foundation Exam Only 90 Days

Foundation In-house Course

Foundation Public Classroom Course

MoP Combined Foundation and Practitioner

- suitable for those who who want to become fully qualified in MoP and have not taken the Foundation course yet.  Click on the choices below:

Combined Exam Plus 90 Days Combined Exam Only 90 Days

Combined In-house Course

Combined Classroom Course

MoP Practitioner

- suitable for those who have passed the Foundation exam and want to develop their knowledge and skill with MoP further.  Click on the choices below:

Practitioner Exam Plus 90 Days Practitioner Exam Only 90 Days

Practitioner In-house Course

Practitioner Public Classroom Course

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