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Coaching on the job

Project, Programme and Portfolio Management isn't something you can choose as a topic at University. Most of us learnt the job, well, on the job. Of course there are numerous courses available to expand your knowledge. Several courses even include levels to help you practice in project simulations. But being in a classroom, either physically or virtually, isn't quite the same as being in your office, managing your real-life project and dealing with all the issues that happen in every project. 


Even the best of us sometimes need a sparring partner - someone who knows the difficulties of a project and the challenges of being a Project Manager first hand.
A coach can be that sparring partner for you: experienced and knowledgeable where project management is concerned, but objective to your specific project and organisation. Having a coach means having access to your own mentor, dedicated to you and your project when you need it. It's like having a live cheat sheet on the job. A coach won't do the job for you, but he will make sure you do what is needed to make you and your project successful!

All CUPE coaches are experienced Project, Programme or Portfolio Managers and are trained in several best practices. Each coach has worked in different sectors of the economy: Health Care, Finance, Government, Industry, Energy are just some examples of fields where we know our way. We will match you with a coach that best fits your situation.

Coaching can be done on site (your office or any other location you prefer) or virtually (through GoToMeeting). It's up to you to decide if you want a one-off spar which is great for immediate issues or several sessions to optimally guide you through a project from start to end.

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