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Portfolio Programme & Project Audit


Portfolio, programme and project maturity audits can be completed using P3M self-assessment or tailored tools. Inexpensive tools provide high level insight into PPM processes and procedures, reporting on a five point CMMI scale (1=Initial 2=Managed 3=Defined 4=Quantitatively Managed 5=Optimising). Most maturity models use this scale, although few focus upon overall system capability that this idea implies.


The use of tailored Maturity Assessment tools and independent facilitation of assessments can address this concern, and reduce the risk of optimism bias at the same time. This provides a stronger foundation for more effective P3M Maturity Improvement Plans and implementation actions; these drive performance improvement. 



P3M Maturity Audit Case Study

CUPE International, the first APMG-accredited Consulting Organization, was asked to perform a P3M Audit. 


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  CUPE P3M Case Study
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