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Closing the gap between where the business is today, and where you wish to be in the future, is the essential challenge of Senior Management teams; it’s an exciting business transformation to be realised by managing the change portfolio of programme and projects, to achieve strategic objectives. But sometimes strategic plans remain as tarnished dreams, with projects and programmes failing to deliver the products and services which are the key to realisation of benefits promised in business cases or plans. The business result is often that customers are lost to competitors, as the organisation’s product portfolio ages, and profits fail to materialise. At this point, Senior management (and auditors) often recognise an urgent need to find new ways to manage the change portfolio, to move on from ineffective methods.

To address this customer challenge, CUPE has invested in the Strategic Project Leadership method, from the Diamond Leadership Institute, USA. It’s a unique approach to managing project and programmes or change portfolio based upon 25 years of business research.  If you are searching for consulting advice to select and deliver the right products and services, using the right people, and make a significant impact on your target market – then you’ve found your perfect partner!

The SPL advantage is founded on three critical elements:

  1. The Diamond of Innovation; for product definition and project resourcing.
  2. Use of Value Driver assessments; for correct product selection
  3. Energising Project Teams, through delegation and recognition.

Getting started with SPL activities can typically put you on the road to success with just a 3 day workshop or series of 3 x1 workshop days! 

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